7 ways to intensify male orgasm

dc-Cover-glv8v30akob26n2qkv9hiad980-20160715161200.MediBut how do you enhance the male orgasm?

Do you know just like females men can experience different levels of orgasms as well? At times you can experience the big and intense one or the smaller one which are experienced more.

“Male orgasm involves contractions of the PC muscles, anal, perineum and penis, and the feeling of pumping and/or throbbing, takes the average man three to five minutes to achieve orgasm and the sensation of ejaculation can heighten orgasm. Important to remember that ejaculation and orgasm are two separate events, as a guy can have an orgasm without ejaculating,” told licensed marriage and family therapist Marissa Nelson to askmen.com.

But how do you enhance the male orgasm? Here are some tricks and tips to get a better orgasm:

So how do you enhance the male orgasm to be even better for you? Here are some tricks and tips from those who know best:

  • Try to breathe more:

Most people have habit to hold their breath while they are orgasming. Experts say that if you learn to control your breath and focus on it then you can experience another level of intensity.

When you hold your breath, if stops the depth and intensity of the orgasm and it can be enchased if you breath slowly and deeply.

When you realise that you are going to climax, take deep breath and inhale it deeply then exhale it from your mouth. Let your breathing ride through the orgasm process.

Breathing helps to expand the orgasm and gives you a satisfaction.

  • Be open to trying out new things:

You might be shy in exploring new options but opening your boundaries can easily strengthen your orgasm even more.

“It’s not just about stroking the penis, it’s about building arousal and pleasure sensation. You and your partner can start by touching, licking, biting the nipples, thighs, belly, and the entire penis, from the base, up to the shaft and tip, the perineum and scrotum. This helps to expand the boundaries or routine of sex to include new and blended level of bliss,” says Nelson.

  • Slow down and start again:

Men often rush into things, they can easily go from erection to ejaculation. However, it’s important to stop and keep a tab on your sexual energy.

Don’t get horny too fast, prolong the feeling of arousal and then masturbate or thrust. Squeeze the base of your penis until you are sure to come. Try these tricks while masturbating or having sex, it builds up your sexual stamina.

  • Time to get creative with self pleasuring:

One should always get creative with masturbation.

Sienna Sinclaire says, “There are cock rings that have attachments that will vibrate on the balls leaving his hands free to do other things. Or you can try a ball stretcher. Sounds scary than it is and usually found in the fetish departments. But the thing is you can attach this device to your balls with as many weights as you want and it will pull your balls for you while you work your cock.”

  • Don’t let your mind trail off:

The main factor of male orgasm is to let yourself flow with the moment. Don’t let your mind wander as it spoils the whole experience.

  • Penis pump:

Many men have erectile issues and some are not content with the size of it. Penis pump are way to pump yourself before sex and it also helps you to last longer in bed.

  • Prostate massagers:

Prostate massagers come in different thickness and are considered as fantastic sex toys. They are mostly thin with a bulbous and are designed in a manner so that it can easily slip inside your anus and stimulate your prostate. They are lightweight and offers intense orgasm.

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