No action on athletes: Injeti Srinivas

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Injeti Srinivas, Director General of Sports Authority of India, on Saturday revealed that there will be no further action taken against the four Rio-bound athletes who have been reportedly issued a show cause notice by the National Anti Doping Agency over their failure to file whereabouts.

“Athletes as per protocol are supposed to update on their whereabouts. Two athletes as per my knowledge, had some gaps in updating and since have been updated to the NADA and they are satisfied with the updates,” said Srinivas.

“What happens is that on a daily basis the athletes have to update. It’s just that under some circumstance they have not been able to update. So, because the athletes have to be informed if there are difficulty in contacting them, they will be notified.

“In this case athletes have also explained why they couldn’t update and NADA was satisfied. So no further actions,” he added stating that all athletes are dope free. He also stated that these were athletes training individually.

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