Alia Bhatt off on a holiday

dc-Cover-kh9j9il5tbkifkikvvdrn78521-20160623061055.MediAlia Bhatt

Exhausted beyond measure by the demands of her role in Abhishek Choubey’s Udta Punjab, Alia Bhatt is off to London with her best friend for a two-week vacation.

Says Alia, “Udta Punjab has been the toughest film of my career so far. Playing my character was not easy. The torture that she goes through is not something I could identify with. I could only empathise with her. I was left completely drained. I need a break.”

London is one of Alia’s favourite cities and she is off to chill with her non-filmi friends. Says the excited actress, “My best friend Akanksha will be with me. She and I have been friends from the time we were kids.”

“I think it’s very important for me to have friends outside the film industry. We girls will be having a lot of fun for the next two weeks, just how much, everyone will know from the photos I post on Instagram,” she adds.

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