Arnold Schwarzenegger was jailed due to bodybuilding enthusiasm

Los Angeles: Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger says he was once jailed because of his eagerness to pursue a career in bodybuilding.

The 65-year-old recalled his bodybuilding days in a new ESPN Films documentary in which he was seen put in an Austrian army prison at the age of 18, reported Aceshowbiz.

Schwarzenegger got punished when he left the army camp without permission to join the Junior Mr Europe contest in Germany while he was serving a mandated year in the army.

The Austria-born actor was later released because the officials felt “uncomfortable.”

His dream as a bodybuilder was also disapproved by his parents, but his superiors in the military later on gave their full support.

The ‘Terminator’ star said he always had a clear vision of what he wanted to do including movies. When he faced an obstacle, he saw it more of a challenge than a hindrance.

“I never saw a `no` as a `no.` I always heard `yes`,” he said.

His documentary ‘Arnold`s Blueprint’ will premiere on September 26.

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