‘Baubling’ in the street

dc-Cover-sf9lvsh83h9h3imh0pinuisic1-20160723222618.MediCommercial Street is one of the most popular places in the city for street shopping.

Haven’t we all experienced that unrivalled high of scoring a thrifty buy from the streets at a steal? And justifiably so, as there’s something so charismatic about street shopping, and there’s no two ways about it – city’s shopaholics dish out interesting buys they snagged off the streets!

“Honestly, the last time I went on a shopping high was at the Vero Moda sale, where I had to be at the stores at 4 am to get the best of the deals. But nothing quite compares to a pair of beautiful bronze ear cuffs I bought on a tiny lane on Commercial Street, near the Army School.

Interestingly I bought them for Rs 80, three year ago, and they are still in vogue and look brand new!” quips Anujna Ravikumar, a 24-year-old entrepreneur.

What’s more? The rage for these rustic buys from the roads, excite the experts from the fashion scene too! Resham Jiandani a jewellery designer, shares, “While a chunky portion of the accessories in my stash are from street shops and stalls from the different destinations I’ve visited, I believe one must also keep a few tools in handy, to sustain these.

As a rule, I always make it a point to buy off seasonal stuff from the streets. Some of my favourite street buys include mojaris and fur slides in quirky designs. They’re cheap, and the most versatile options for my feet on any given day!  But I don’t take them for granted and make sure I give them as much care as I would, to my designer labels. ”

And it’s not just the ladies who’re driven by the thrifty thrills. Designer Mayank Modi tells how most of his designs are inspired by street wear, “As a designer, a lot of people believe I’m quite brand conscious. While it might be true, considering how I’m a sucker for quality, I also believe you can find some of the most fun stuff on the streets. But again, I only buy casual wear from the roads. Believe it or not, but my favourite white sneakers and slogan tees are from the streets. And I’ve been wearing them for quite a while,” he shares, with his streak of obvious thrill in his tone.

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