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dc-Cover-u28lqnb6uouuu9hffscom50l20-20160710233409.MediNeha Kukreja

Gone are the days when the duckface and skinny arm trick were the latest trends on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook. ‘Fingermouthing’ is the latest pose for selfies today. The pose seems careless as girls post selfies of themselves with their fingers dangling close to or in front of their mouth.

Today, everybody from Sonakshi Sinha and Sunny Leone to Kylie Jenner, are following the trend religiously, and girls closer home are not very far behind!

While the initial idea was to cover up flaws on the face, it is now far from that. The pose has become such a rage that it can even be seen in fashion magazines! “It highlights accessories and make-up in a totally different way,” according to Neha Kukreja, a model and designer.

“Taking pictures of your hand on a table or next to a coffee mug, to show off rings and delicate bracelets, is now very old school. By letting your hand hang loose, you are able to show off your specific accessories, as well as make-up at the same time, which is why it has become a huge trend,” adds the designer.

While some use the technique to show off, for others it’s a way to cover up. “I have always been very conscious of my mouth and this is the technique I use to cover up. Once I started uploading pictures  of this particular pose on my Instagram page, someone commented saying it’s a quaint way to leave more to the imagination, and cover up just a little,” says Shibani Ghosh, a model.

The rage initially started with celebrities taking up the pose but now more and more fashion bloggers and make-up artists too, are following the trend.

“The duckface highlighted lips and this one does the same for arm candy and well done manicures,” says Pankti Motwani, another designer.

“A lot of people who have minimalistic arm tattoos also take such pictures to show them off in a classy kind of way, rather than just taking a picture of the tattoo, thus making it seem more inconspicuous, and subtle,” opines the 24 year old.

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