Consumer body warns against malpractices in sale of gold

21THGOLD-VELLOR_21_2380754fGold ornaments displayed for sale at shop.

With Akshaya Tritiya around the corner, the Consumers Association of India (CAI) has demanded stern action against jewellers who sell gold mixed with white metals.

According to CAI, there have been instances of various white metals such as osmium, palladium, iridium and ruthenium being added to gold as they have different melting points and cannot be traced easily.

“Iridium, when mixed with gold, can harm the skin due to its nuclear properties,” said Nirmala Desikan, managing trustee, CAI.

The government must act against those who do not ensure exact weight and quality, and levy fine against those who mix metals, said R. Desikan, founder of CAI, at a meeting.

CAI suggested X-ray fluorescence test to find the purity of gold.

“The Bureau of Indian Standards should supervise the process of hallmarking and check hallmarked products at regular intervals,” said Ms. Desikan. She advised consumers to demand cash receipts for purchases and enquire about the details before buying jewellery.

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