Dia Mirza makes her directorial debut with an adorable public service film

dc-Cover-nn6eqdvv4adklbh41ic55eqpe3-20160729101157.MediThe film is written by Cara Tejpal and Sahil Sangha.

Taking her commitment to championing causes connected with nature to the next level, actor & producer, Dia Mirza has now made her directorial debut by directing a Public Service film on the occasion of World Tiger Day, 2016. Actress-Producer Dia Mirza took to Twitter and shared her debut film.

Written by Cara Tejpal and Sahil Sangha, captured by ace photographer Rohan Shrestha and produced by Born Free Entertainment, the film aims to spread the vital message of Tiger and Nature Conservation through the innocent yet aware voices of children belonging to different age groups.

Despite countries such as India, Nepal, Russia and Bhutan registering a spike in the Tiger population, the status of the animal still remains endangered. Born Free Entertainment & Sactuary Asia’s initiative then is a small, yet significant towards a larger goal of Tiger conservation and environmental preservation in India and the world.

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