I didn’t say his daughter should be shot dead: H Raja

dc-Cover-668m9a6e4cv48b19s0jdp23ge5-20160223065420.MediH Raja

I did not say that D. Raja’s daughter should be shot dead. I had only said that had it been my daughter, I would have shot and killed her for participating in an anti-national agitation.

Let D. Raja first answer whether any responsible Indian citizen should participate in that agitation (by JNU students) where slogans like “India will be destroyed to pieces, God willing,” were raised.

There is video evidence to show that D. Raja’s daughter (Aparjitha) too had raised the slogan with others: ‘Bharat teri tukda tukda honge, Insha Allah, Insha Allah’. No Indian citizen should tolerate such slogans uttered by the university students. Let D. Raja first answer this, then I will respond. The agitation shows that the terrorists have come together to disintegrate and wipe out India. My statement, my reaction, has been based on this, it is justified.

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