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dc-Cover-sf9lvsh83h9h3imh0pinuisic1-20160723223338.MediWant to bare those shoulders? Opt for a messy bun or a braid (French, fish, et al) and go bare neck.

With fashion weeks all through the year and Bangalore Fashion Week right around the corner, the city’s most fashionable are always gearing up to look their best for such events.

Looking chic, and making a fashion statement is top priority for everybody in attendance. So, if your fashion radar is a little off and you’re feeling a little uninspired, have no fear because namma fashionistas have your back!

While trends are followed religiously by most fashion conscious people, it’s not what Aditi Sarin recommends. “It’s important to understand what suits your body and not just follow trends because it’s the ‘in’ thing,” says the founder of the Luxe Affair.

“Another common mistake people make is going all out with their accessories. The different pieces of your outfit should compliment each other, rather than clash. “If you’re donning an embellished top, keep the accessories to a minimum, and pair it with simple dhoti pants, or a solid colour classic chiffon skirt, and it will look equally chic,” says Aditi.

To make a style statement, experimenting is key. “Mixing combinations and designs sometimes works. Instead of getting an all new wardrobe or looking for particular outfits, I like looking through my wardrobe and I love looking through my wardrobe and trying out new combinations. You never know what goes with what,” encourages Tanmayi Reddy of Taia.

“The one mistake I’ve noticed people making is over-accessorising. Having one statement piece is necessary. If you’re accessorising with oversized ear rings, avoid wearing necklaces and go with a simple watch instead. Make-up is another key factor for women so if you’re going with bright lips, tone down the eye make up and keep it simple. Layering is also a good idea as you can instantly change your look based on your mood, the occasion or lack of time just by tweaking the same outfit, ” continues the Bengaluru-based designer.

Pair dhoti pants with a cotton kurta and a jacket for a casual look. Pair with sneakers for an added edge

Men of the city need not feel left out, as we have the scene covered for them too! “It’s best if men keep it simple and minimal with a distinctive edge,” opines Sandeep Nandi, a stylist from the city.

Pair dhoti pants with a cotton kurta and a jacket for a casual look. Pair with sneakers for an added edgePair dhoti pants with a cotton kurta and a jacket for a casual look. Pair with sneakers for an added edge

“Looking sharp can not only come through western attire. Men have also started to experiment with Indian ethnic and I think it works well. Keeping it simple and carrying off your outfit with confidence is what works best for men,” says Sandeep who also suggests sticking to darker tones as they tend to look classier and slicker.

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