Festivals push up prices of essentials

bangalore_2549552gGowri-Ganesh idols being loaded in a vehicle, in Bengaluru on Tuesday

Sevanthige was Rs. 1,500 a kg on Tuesday, Rs. 600 on Monday

Those gearing up to celebrate the Gowri-Ganesh festival on a grand scale on Wednesday and Thursday will have to shell out a lot more than they had expected to. As it is the case before most festivals, prices of flowers have seen a 100 per cent increase since Monday.

Despite the high prices, shoppers thronged markets. On Tuesday, sellers did not use their lung power to win over customers as everyone knew that they would get their share.

Customers were seen making last-minute calculations on how much to buy after learning about the quantum of increase in flower prices.

Radha S., who was seen shopping at Basaveshwaranagar, was in for a shock when she learnt that one kilogram of sevanthige was priced at Rs. 1,500 as against Rs. 600 on Monday. “Instead of buying 250 grams of sevanthige, I will buy 100 grams.” The only silver lining was that there was no increase in prices of fruits and vegetables. Keshav S.H., manager, procurement and marketing of HOPCOMS, said: “There is adequate supply of vegetables and fruits. Except for a rise in onion prices, those of all other commodities remain the same.”

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