I haven’t sprung from nowhere as claimed by the rival group: Vishal

VISHAL-2Vishal and other actors at the event

With the elections for Nadigar Sangam, the premier body governing the Tamil film industry, just around the corner (Oct 18), the tussle between two warring factions continues unabated. While one team is being led led by actor-politician Sarath Kumar and the other is by actor Vishal. At the recent first death anniversary event of veteran actor-politician SS Rajendran (SSR), Vishal said that his team would not rest till they construct the Nadigar Sangam building, which is actually the bone of contention.

At the event, renowned  film historian Film News Anandan along with the family members of the late actor unveiled SSR’s portrait. Other veterans who were close to SSR such as Sachu, Sheela, Kutti Padmini, and the team ‘Pandavar Ani’ including Vishal, Ponvannan, Sangeetha, Poochi Murugan and others graced the occasion.

Speaking at the event, Vishal said, “It’s been a great pleasure to meet senior actresses like Vijayakumari amma and Sheela amma from whom we have a lot to learn. These days we see mostly young actors at film functions. I wish to invite all veterans to share their journey and experiences with respect to spanning through their career. There is this wrong notion that an actor’s life is a bed of roses. However, we know that with the release of every movie, an actor or actress makes their debut.”

Recalling an incident to substantiate his speech he said, “While shooting for Bala sir’s Avan Ivan, I felt that few shots were similar to that of Satyajit Ray’s and said the same to my co-star Arya. I was surprised that he wasn’t aware of a legend like Satyajit Ray. Arya was also clueless about Ambika ma’am who acted as my mother in the film. He thought she was a newcomer, and I had to show him the old blockbusters of her like Sakalakala Vallavan.”

About the upcoming elections, Vishal added that he has not sprung ‘from nowhere’ as claimed by the other group and the good spirits and souls of the late MGR, SSR and Sivaji Ganesan who were instrumental to start the ‘actors association’ is guiding and leading their ‘Pandavar Ani’ team.

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