Hillary Clinton’s campaign launching ‘Go Trump Yourself’

dc-Cover-vvkofn2akf3pnamm0nl6jboqo7-20160723041815.MediHillary Clinton

Washington: If you want to get insulted by Donald Trump, here’s your chance with rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign launching a ‘Trump Yourself’ app that superimposes his “memorable quotes” onto your Facebook profile picture.

The Trump-Clinton rivalry reached new levels as the former secretary of state launched the app on her website on the same day the billionaire business tycoon accepted the Republican party’s presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

The app grabs shared photos from your Facebook and superimposes Trump quotes and photos, the Boston Globe reported. For example, a woman might get the words ‘Fat pig!’ (what Trump called American actress Rosie O’Donnell in the past) overlayed on her photo, whereas others might see Trump’s ‘Loser!’ or ‘Goofy’.

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