HRD Ministry to bring mobile app, portal for IIT preparations

dc-Cover-r2k0mmou3gnljmrba6hq8skg67-20160519021659.MediHRD Minister Smriti Irani with Alternate President, EPSI, H Chaturvedi (L) and President, EPSI, G Viswanathan (C) in New Delhi on Wednesday

In an effort to curb commercialisation of education and thwart the “menace of coaching industry”, Union Human Resource Development ministry is  coming up with a mobile app and portal containing free lectures from IIT faculty.

HRD Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday stated that it has also been decided that the questions in the IIT-JEE entrance test would conform to class XII syllabus.

Speaking at an event, Irani said her ministry aims to resolve the various regulatory issues faced by these bodies while expressing concern over commercialisation of education.

The Union human resource development minister said one of the biggest pressures on students preparing for IIT entrance exam is to seek outside help in preparation, referring to the “menace of the coaching industry”.

That is why the government has decided to dedicate in the forthcoming two months, an IIT-Pal portal and mobile app on which 50 years of IIT (entrance) examination papers will be available free of cost,” she said.

“Some of the IIT academicians and faculty members will give lectures available on this app, so that students can have that additional learning,” she  added. Keeping in mind the requirements of students who have studied in  regional languages, this content will be available in 13 languages.

She said in conjunction with IIT council, it has been now ensured that the question papers conform to the Class XII syllabus. Irani said another “reality” which needs to be confronted is about  commercialisation of education.

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