India to approach UK for Kohinoor diamond

dc-Cover-rclkd1g2l5eg3kpchqk53h0dr1-20160604015015.MediThe Kohinoor diamond

New Delhi: The government is likely to approach Britain soon to get back the Kohinoor diamond from the British crown. According to news agency reports, the decision was taken at a high-level meeting on Friday which was attended by External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj, Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma and Cabinet secretary P.K. Sinha among others, with indications that Britain may be approached on the issue soon.

The meeting also reportedly discussed possibility of signing a treaty with the UK wherein Britain may be assured that India would not claim any other artefacts in Britain except the Kohinoor diamond.

The meeting apparently lasted for over 45 minutes, and was called following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s directions to take steps to bring back the jewel that changed hands over the centuries among Indian and foreign monarchs who conquered and ruled India.

In 2010, the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron, during a visit to India, had reportedly said that if Britain agrees to return the diamond, “you suddenly find the British Museum empty.”

Just in April this year, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had said India remains committed to bringing back the Kohinoor  “which has strong roots in our history”. The 108-carat unique Kohinoor diamond is estimated to cost over USD 200 million.

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