Jayalalithaa woos voters via WhatsApp

dc-Cover-rf79ht1fs6jbhbnnlf9e6ap017-20160422075326.MediAIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa

Taking to WhatsApp yet again to reach out to people, AIADMK supremo and Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa is trying to woo  voters through an audio message on free messaging service urging them to vote for the party to ensure that her government’s  welfare measures continue without hindrance.
In a 37-second audio clip circulated widely on WhatsApp, she  begins her short message by reminding the people about the “15-hour power cut” that caused much trouble to students, industries and common people at large, making a veiled attack on the erstwhile DMK government.

“Tamil Nadu has become self-sufficient and when it comes to electricity it is a power-surplus state. Everywhere people get uninterrupted power. To ensure that this remarkable achievements continue, please vote for two leaves,” she says in the message before ending it.

This is the second time she has taken to WhatsApp to drive home her message to people. After the devastating floods in Chennai last year, AIADMK released an audio of Jayalalithaa explaining the measures her government had taken to provide relief measures to the affected people.

The message had come after widespread criticism she did not visit flood-affected areas. The latest message comes in the midst of Jayalalithaa’s election tour across the state. The AIADMK has shored up its presence on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook to reach out to voters directly and also posts updates about Jayalalithaa and the party regularly.

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