Vishal's Paayum Puli and no other new film will release in Tamil Nadu on September 4.


Following is a press statement from the Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) stating about their decision that there would be no new film releases from September 4.
“Rohini theater’s owner Mr. Panneerselvam, along with his group, has been working against the interests of Tamil cinema of late. Along with this group, he is putting up obstacles against the release of Paayum Puli on September 4 and is also demanding a big sum of money from the producers of the film, Vendhar Movies.
To take a stand against this and to express our disapproval, we have decided that there would be no new releases of direct Tamil films and other language films from September 4. From September 11, even the already running films would be completely stopped across the state.
We kindly request the Tamil Nadu government to interfere and bring a proper closure to this issue and ensure that such problems and vested interests don’t crop up again in future.”
We have to see how this issue plays out now. Will Paayum Puli and the other new releases arrive as planned?


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