Kadakampally Surendran, Ramesh Chennithala spar over CWC visit

dc-Cover-8gs8v08c4prm5njoht9projnh3-20160614171316.MediRamesh Chennithala

Thiruvananthapuram: The Assembly on Tuesday witnessed a heated  exchange of words between Opposition Leader Ramesh Chennithala and Electricity Minister  Kadakampally Surendran over the tensions at the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare. The spat occurred after Chief Minister  gave a reply to a submission by Mr M. Vincent of the Congress.

Mr Vijayan  pointed out that the outgoing office-bearers of the council were facing a Vigilance case  for corruption, tampering with  records, backdoor appointments and bogus membership.   There were also complaints of allowing adoption to a couple in Jordan even though there was a long waiting list of parents from the state seeking adoption, he said.

Mr. Ramesh alleged that it was not proper  on the part of the minister to visit the council during the time of elections. The minister  clarified that he had gone to the KSTA office for attending a workshop. He also cautioned the Opposition Leader not to get involved in the issue as the present office-bearers were  facing a probe not only on their role in the council, but also on their role in the Indian Red Cross Society.

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