Kerala Police inspect Pooram maidan, storage area

dc-Cover-a91uu1tlohm9aip0b1st2gtao6-20160413013627.MediPreprations on for sample fire works at Thekkinkkad Maidan, Thrissur, on Tuesday.

City police commissioner K. J. Simon and his team on Tuesday inspected the preparations of Thrissur Pooram fireworks on Thekkinkkad Maidan. They also inspected the a magazines of both the Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi devaswoms where they will store firecrackers made using 2,000 kg of gunpowder.

Amidst requests to call off fireworks of Thrissur Pooram from different quarters in view of the Kollam firework tragedy, the district collector on Monday had given the nod for fireworks putting in place stringing rules.

On Tuesday, the commissioner handed over a letter to both devaswoms to strictly follow all the guidelines of the Explosives Act 2008 while conducting fireworks.

On the basis of the letter and the High Court order to ban all high decibel fireworks during the night, the functionaries of both the devaswom held an urgent meeting at the Paramekkavu Agrasala Tuesday evening.

District collector V. Ratheesan had told media persons after the emergency meeting with devaswom officials on Monday afternoon that there might be a practice of using gunpowder above the permitted limits, but it would be strictly monitored this time.

The collector had also said that spectators would be kept at a distance of 100 meters away from the place where the fireworks burst.   Accordingly, the firework buffs will be allowed to watch the event only from the outer footpath of the Swaraj Round and would not be allowed to enter the Round.

The Vadakkumnathan temple, which was given the recognition as a UNESCO heritage site a few months ago will be protected without being damaged during the fireworks held on Thekkinkkad Maidan.

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