Large turnout at many temples

TY14CAR_FESTIVAL2_1845012eDevotees pulling Panguni car festival in Srirangam on Monday.

Panguni car festival at Srirangam; Chithirai festival at Vekkali Amman temple in Woraiyur

A large number of devotees thronged various temples in the district and offered worship on the occasion of Tamil New Year’s Day on Monday. The day, which followed the Panguni Uthiram,was marked by celebrations at all major temples including some where car festivals were also held.

In Srirangam, the devotees pulled the temple car on the occasion of ‘Panguni ther’. Namperumal was brought to the temple car at about 9.30 a.m. and devotees pulled it with religious zeal. It was brought to rest at about 2 p.m.

In the early hours of Monday, devotees witnessed the holy ‘tirumanjanam’ at the Vasantha mandapam where the idols of Namperumal and Sri Renga Nachiar were kept till 2 a.m. on the occasion of ‘Serthi festival’.

Poor regulation of queues posed a tough challenge for police personnel often resulting in wordy duel and commotion among devotees at the mandapam.

At Sri Vekkali Amman temple in Woraiyur, devotees who had gathered from different parts of the State witnessed the Chithrai car festival.

Elaborate arrangements were made and police security was provided at all narrow lanes, particularly the Pudhu Street, leading to the temple. Several individuals and institutions made arrangements for distribution of free food packets, water, and ice cream. Devotees came with fire pots and offered alagu worship.

At Rockfort Sri Thayumanaswamy temple, special abhishekam and ‘sandanakaapu’ alankaram were performed to Sri Manicka Vinayagar, Sri Thayumanaswamy, Sri Mattuvarkuzhalammai and Sri Uchipillayar. Tiruvillakku pujai was performed in the evening.

At Sri Panchavarnaswamy temple in Woraiyur, special abhishekam was performed to the deities at the end of which Tiruvillakku pujai was performed. Sri Lakshmi pujai was performed at Sri Ayyappa temple in the city.

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