Mupparimanam is a love thriller

dc-Cover-ogsp8s21gbr1pj43uf481jk6n3-20160722023151.MediA still from Mupparimanam

Director Athirooban, former assistant of director Bala and Kathir, is all geared up to set foot in this industry with Mupparimanam, a love thriller with commercial elements.  Speaking to DC, director Athirooban says, “This film’s storyline is adapted from a real-life character. Mupparimanam is a film close to my heart. It’s all about emotions, and doesn’t have any caste-based messages in it.”

On picking Shanthanu as the hero, the director added that he was one of the actors that he had initially thought of casting. “Also, his character in the film needed a performer — someone who can act and dance. That is the main reason for selecting Shanthanu. Both Srushti and Shanthanu’s characters are strong,” he stated. Shanthanu is known for playing urban characters, but in this teaser, he is seen sporting a crew cut bearing a serious expression. “I wanted to bring a change in Shanthanu’s look. He will be seen as a boy-next-door in the first half, and as a serious character in the second half,” he claims.

Athirooban also adds that a song featuring 27 actors will be one of the highlights of this film. He is thankful to music director GV Prakash for coming on board. “After he signed the film, people started recognising our project and many positive things happened,” he concludes. The film was shot in Pollachi, Alleppey, Marayur, and Athirapally. Currently, re-recording of the film is underway and the team is eyeing to release in September.

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