New condom to hit the market is ‘just like human skin’

dc-Cover-3rlq8o2sjirp018f9h8k0d9b45-20160720155100.Medi Stretching tests have revealed that this new condom has 1.7 more times more tensile strength. 

The creator of a new condom that feels ‘just like human skin’ insists that the product will not only prevent STDs but also make sex more pleasurable.  Shengxi Chen, a biochemist at the Arizona State University who has designed the contraceptive, hopes that this might motivate people to use condoms regularly.

“Human skin has a lot of water; we call it hydrophilic. Most condoms are hydrophobic, but this material likes water,” he explains. The material of this condom is also more durable that the latex normally used in sheaths. Stretching tests have revealed that it has 1.7 more times more tensile strength as well.

Chen says that he is looking forward to bringing his invention to the market soon. “We are trying to put it to the market because I think that it is truly interesting. It’s better than the other condoms, and we don’t want this to just stay in the lab,” he says, according to

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