Now, China doesn’t recognise 1600 km J&K border‎

New Delhi, Dec 19: Just two days after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao’s visit, China has took a U-turn in border disputes with India, saying that Sino-Indian border was only 2,000-km long. China has shortened nearly 1600 kms of the Indian border, which means Jammu and Kashmir has been taken from India.

The official briefing by the Assistant Foreign Minister of China described the Chinese double stand on border issue. The briefing published in Chinese media revealed that Beijing would not treat line of nearly 1,600 km separating Jammu and Kashmir on the one hand and Xinjiang and Tibet on the other as a border with India.

Earlier on Friday, Dec 17, Wen Jiabao blamed the Indian media for sensationalising the border dispute between India and China. He said, “in recent years, there has never been a single shot fired… in border areas between us. However, the boundary question has been repeatedly sensationalised by media.”

During his India visit, Jiabao kept silence over border issues and aimed more on trade relation. He also tightlipped on the issues related Beijing’s policy on Jammu Kashmir visa. Presently, China treats Jammu Kashmir as a disputed territory and demands a special visa for people from JK.

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