Obama to take questions on Dallas attack, race relations

dc-Cover-7gv3fvu1lme5iriqpu37am04h7-20160708174454.MediObama said the shooting was “vicious, calculated and despicable.

Warsaw, Poland: President Barack Obama will talk about his response to the Dallas shootings, race relations in the U.S. and alliances in Europe as he wraps up his visit to Warsaw for a NATO summit.

Obama is slated to take questions from reporters on Saturday before leaving the meeting of European leaders.

Obama spoke about the deadly shooting of police officers early Friday. He said the shooting was “vicious, calculated and despicable.” He called on Americans to focus on honoring the victims, rather than political debates.

He has since been criticized for using the shooting to repeat his call for gun control.

The attack has prompted Obama to return to the U.S. a day earlier than planned. From Warsaw, he’ll head to Madrid before returning to Washington Sunday evening.

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