‘Olga’ tells women to speak up against attacks

PSX_20150317_12490_2344277fOlga writer speaking at the Multi Lingual Women Writers’ Conference at Mangaluru University in Mangaluru.

Women should not be indifferent to rapes and atrocities against them but start “making a noise”, Telugu writer and women’s rights activist Popuri Lalitha Kumari, better known as ‘Olga’, urged here on Tuesday.

Inaugurating a conference of writers of different languages at Mangalore University here, she said what happened to “India’s daughter” ‘Nirbhaya’ in Delhi was happening to Dalit women in rural India on a daily basis. But women were bearing it silently.

“What an indifferent life we are leading,” she said. “We are silent when it comes to the powerless and the vulnerable. We have to make a noise so that they [the victims] become powerful and draw courage [from it]”.

She decried the silencing of Tamil writer Perumal Murugan and the ban on the documentary “India’s daughter”.

Sabiha, Director of the university Women’s Study Centre which organised the two-day conference, said women writers in particular should come out of their inertia when atrocities on them were getting increasingly complex.

Member of University Review Commission Miniyamma inaugurated the conference. Vice Chancellor K. Byrappa presided.

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