This Onam is very special

DC93941Actress Reshmi Menon

Onam this year is special for actress Reshmi Menon because she found her life partner Bobby Simha when she shared the screen with him in her upcoming flick Urumeen. The vibrant girl shares her childhood Onam moments with us, which she spent with her grandparents in Palakkad, Kerala.

“As a child, I would wait for Onam holidays. We used to celebrate it in a grand manner for ten days at my grandparents’ house in Kerala. All my cousins who live in and around Palakkad would be there for the entire time. Since there was a huge garden with a variety of flowers, we would compete to make huge atthapu kolams. Everyday my grandma would prepare different kinds of payasams like Semiya Pal Payasam, Chakka Pradaman, Palaadai etc. and I would drink one glass after another.”

Reshmi says that she was the only Malayalee in her class “I studied at Women’s Christian College where we celebrate Onam as a ritual every year — all the girls would come decked up for the occasion. Then they would come to my house for the Onam sadya (the thali meals). I miss these moments because I’m busy with films now.”

The moment we mention Bobby, Reshmi starts blushing. When asked if she was the one who first proposed her love, she says, “All I can say is, yes, we will announce our engagement and wedding but only at the right time. As of now, both of us are busy with our respective movies.” She has three films in her kitty, including Urumeen, Kirumi, and yet another untitled movie.

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