Oota gets a reel life


Listening to the classic song Vivaha Bhojanavidu… from the mythological film Mayabazar released in 1960, made quite a few fans hungry! And with food being the mood of the moment with Masterchefs and television going the cooking way, even films are following the aromatic and delectable trend. And there are many tasty regional dishes that see a presence in Sandalwood, satisfying the hunger for entertainment on the big screen!

Several songs written by veteran lyricists celebrating the love for food, and even filmmakers naming their films after their favourite food have set cinemas on fire! Bengaluru Chronicle reports on this new trend which is actually a phenomenon of “old wine in a new bottle” with the present film makers naming their films after their favourite dishes, food and food-related titles.

This versatile actor in the Indian film industry returned to direction with this multilingual project, in Kannada Oggarane. Not only did Oggarane satisfy the hunger for real entertainment, the movie which is based on the Malayalam movie Salt N’Pepper, was also one of the successful films in 2014. Apart from direction, Prakash Raj himself played the lead role of Kalidasa, a passionate food lover. The title track sung by Kailash Kher sees Prakash Rai being filmed cooking various kinds of signature dishes of Indian food. The sub-titles also did justice to the film which says “Love is Cooking.”

One of the most-expected films in 2015 directed by Real Star Upendra was the sequel to his earlier mega film Upendra. Despite Uppi 2 having no connection with the dish uppittu, the director made it sound like “uppittu.” He even penned the title track where Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar sung about the popular dish in south India — uppittu or upma. Though his fans enjoyed eating Uppi 2, it received a mixed response from critics. Not all food is digestible!

The Mungaru Male girl Pooja Gandhi is set for sweet success in Jilebi’ quite literally! Directed by Lucky Shankar. Pooja, who is presently busy filming Dandupalya 2, is featured, for the first time in three different characters in Jilebi. The director is planning to distribute freshly-made jilebis to the audience on the day of the film release, we hear!

Uppu Huli Khara
Choreographer-turned-director Imran Sardhariya will not forget his upcoming project Uppu Huli Khara for obvious reasons — one is of course the huge drama involving senior artiste Malashree, which went on for weeks. The movie is back on track after he publicy apologised to the actress for insulting her. Hope the director is cooking the right recipe after his previous directorial debacle Endendigu!

Noted theatre personality Yashwanth Sardeshpande’s second directorial venture is titled Yarige Idly… Pure Vegetarian. There were several films in the past like Love Churmuri, Pani Puri and Burfi. Mysore Pak was also changed to Goa later

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