Panel to study allocation of power staff of both Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

dc-Cover-g1huhi9le8v8aal7c585r87pg3-20160715073007.MediSupreme Court of India

Hyderabad: The committee constituted by the Hyderabad High Court with former judge of the Supreme Court, Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, to study allocation of employees working in power utilities between AP and TS has recommended setting up of a special panel for bifurcation of the staff.

The High Court had constituted the committee following a batch of petitions by employees allotted to AP by the TS government.

The Dharmadhikari committee suggested that a special panel be set up with members from the transmission and power generation corporations of both the states. If the committee is unable to decide on any employee while making allocation, such cases should be referred to the joint committee with CMDs of the power utility corporations and its decision would be treated as final.

The committee also suggested that the special committee firstly has to determine the cadre requirements for each of the power utilities in both states.

The Dharmadhikari committee also recommended considering case of widow employees and divorced women during allocation by taking their options.

The committee also suggested publication of provisional allocation and inviting objections before finalising allocations.

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