Police arrests man after 21-year-old commits suicide over semi-nude photo

dc-Cover-sjik8prgb06nmtbnr0rq34g401-20160629104525.MediVinupriya hanged herself to death in her house when she was alone.

Salem, Tamil Nadu: The police on Wednesday arrested a man for uploading morphed pictures of a 21-year woman on Facebook, which led her to commit suicide.

Vinupriya, a B.Sc student began facing harassment on Facebook after she was tagged in a picture which was obscenely morphed.

Her father had filed a complaint with the Magudanchavadi police station ten days ago regarding the violation.

The family claims that the police did not take any steps despite several complaints, nor did they begin procedure on blocking or removing the morphed photo.

With the picture still being online and seeing no hope, Vinupriya hanged herself to death in her house when she was alone.

Her body was sent to the Salem General Hospital for post mortem and results are awaited.

After the victim’s family protested in front of the GH against the police, the cops kicked into action and filed a case beginning investigation into the matter.

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