Raj Kandukuri turns mentor for short film makers

dc-Cover-d6u2h07pduo61nb0cmj7h9kjl3-20160728231708.MediRaj Kandukuri

Raj Kandukuri, producer of Pelli Choopulu, a film directed by debutant Tharun Bhaskar says, “This is a young team and most of the crew members have a theatre background. Tharun Bhaskar had made a couple of short films before coming up with this one,” says Raj, who rues that the Telugu Industry does not encourage short film makers.

“Tharun had narrated the story to a few film makers, but nobody accepted it. The moment I heard his subject, I hugged him and agreed to produce it,” reveals Raj.

“There are many talented short film makers who need encouragement,” he says, adding that though he suggested roping in big technicians, Tharun wanted his team with him. “Most of them are good artistes and this is a big opportunity for them,” says Raj.

“From now on, I will produce short films by debutantes. My next film is also with a new short film maker,” he said, adding that producer Suresh Babu would also join him.

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