Rayudu will outdo Pandem Kodi: Vishal

dc-Cover-ape49mbplncfi4qti6vsg53ou1-20160526034340.MediA still from Rayudu

Vishal’s Rayudu will release on May 27. The film was supposed to release on May 20, along with it’s Tamil version, but was postponed to avoid clashing with Brahmotsavam.

“Wherever I go, everyone still talks about my film Pandem Kodi though it had released nearly nine years ago. People ask me to act in that kind of film. But I want to erase that film from their minds and replace it with a new film, and I am confident that Rayudu is that film,” says Vishal.

He adds that the film has a rural backdrop. “After a long time I am doing a film with a village backdrop. The story revolves around the emotional relationship between a grandson and a grandmother,” he says, adding that director Muttaiah is known for showcasing the hero keeping the “mass” factor in mind.

After this, the actor will get busy with a few films including the remake of the Telugu film Temper. “I personally don’t like to do remakes, but Temper has a social cause in it and I would like to take it to the Tamil audience. More than that it tells the story in a commercial way, which I like.”

For another film, he is working with National Award winning director Bala. “This is a period film and apart from me, it has Rana Daggubati, Arya, Aravind Swamy and Adharva. It is an adaptation of the old novel Kutra Parambarai. The film will start in January,” he says.

But director Bharati Raja is making a film with the same tile. “We will change the title, but since it’s based on history anyone can make a film on it. Earlier too, around four films had been made on Bhagat Singh and it’s a similar case with this one as well,” he clarifies. Apart from these two he also signed two films with directors Mysskin and Suraj.

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