‘Rid campuses of politics’


The Congress is indulging in cheap politics, says Venkaiah Naidu

Union Minister for Urban Development and Parliamentary Affairs M. Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday held the Congress responsible for “politics on campuses” in general, citing its vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s participation at a fast by students at the University of Hyderabad on Saturday against the suicide of research scholar Rohith Vemula.

Addressing a meeting of the Uttara Bharatiya Manch, a body representing those from north India living in the city, he said Rohith Vemula was not the first to commit suicide on the campus of a higher education institution. “There are 10 others who died over the years on the campuses across the country, but you did not visit [them],” he said, referring to Mr. Gandhi’s two visits to the university in a fortnight.

“What is required is preventive, corrective and appropriate action for the atmosphere on the campuses to improve. The Congress has no face and is indulging in cheap politics. Let us keep the university campuses out of politics and all political parties should strive together in the endeavour to get rid of caste, creed and communal politics and anti-social elements there,” he said.

It was the long “misrule” and the “divisive” agenda of the Congress that had spoiled social harmony, he said.




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