Robot 2.0: Revelling in the ‘R’ factor

dc-Cover-jfq45a3bjtk93ptjgrviv3vi80-20160719015805.MediActress Amy Jackson with superstar and co-star Rajinikanth

“Rajinikanth called me junior Aishwarya Rai on the sets of Robot 2.0. He’s so humble, has a wonderful aura around him and is an absolute gentleman,” states the British model-turned actor Amy Jackson on her trip to Bengaluru on Sunday.

Looking ravishing, the cat-eyed petite star walked the ramp for Ramesh Dembla at the Nauras Fashion Week Winter Collection with thousands of fans gathered to get a glimpse of her. We catch up with Amy over a candid tete-a-tete on her experience acting with one of the biggest superstars, her love for Bengaluru and her other passions.

“My role is different and totally fresh. Also, Akshay Kumar and Rajini’s roles are very different. The costumes are fantastic. We went to LA for the fittings and the LA based designer who has worked for costumes of Iron Man, Men in Black and lots of Hollywood movies has worked on my costumes. My character has never been played before and Shankar who’s making this science fiction sequel told me it’s going to take a few days to get into the skin of the character. He’s a visionary and I love working with him. I have to work hard on my Tamil and Hindi, which I’ve been trying to learn for a while now. I worked a lot on my body language,” shares the actor was earlier seen in Ekk Deewana Tha and Singh is Bling.

Talking of her love for Bengaluru, Amy who got famous after modelling for a famous doll company to launch a series of Barbie dolls inspired by her, states, “I’ve come to Bengaluru a couple of times. I was here shooting for my debut Tamil film Madarasapattinam and love the weather and the people here.”

Confessing to being a fitness junkie, Amy shares, “I have always been a fitness freak and love a mix of kickboxing, gym, yoga, pilates, horse riding, dancing and I do things that I really enjoy. I also do skinny rappeling which is a quick cardio workout with crazy music and crazy lighting so it’s fun. When I’m not shooting I like to spend time with friends and family. I love my pets and I’m a big animal lover. I also love outdoors and enjoy the nature and countryside. I spend half a month in Mumbai or Chennai and the other half in London, America and Europe.”

Revealing her calendar for the year, she adds, “I’m just finishing Robot. My next Bollywood film that’s releasing this September is Ali, a romcom with Nawazuddin Siddiqui who’s such a spectacular natural actor. I’ve learnt a lot from him and Sohail Khan is a great director. I play the role of a golf manager and the story is slightly on the lines of Jerry Maguire. Then there are two British films I start in September. Bollywood is very structured and organised, but Kollywood and Tollywood can be quite spontaneous and I enjoy that. There’s another Bollywood film and a Telugu film after that.”

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