Salman Khan’s Sultan inspire youths to join akhadas

dc-Cover-1dhk9tldfmtkud6vrehrmgp3a0-20160725231040.MediStill from movie Sultan

Salman Khan’s Sultan is inspiring a lot of Hyderabadi youngsters to take up wrestling. Since the movie’s release, akhadas in the city have got hundreds of enquiries and more than half of them have already joined.


Shailender Singh, also known as Kalia Pahelwan, says that a lot of people have visited his akhada with admission requests. “A few who had dropped out are also coming back now,” says Shailender who teaches wrestling for free. 17-year-old Yashwant Singh says that Salman’s spirit in the movie to win medal inspired him to take up wrestling.


“I want to become like Sultan and win medals for my country. The part where the village cheers for Sultan in the movie inspired me. I would also want people of my area to recognise me for my contribution to the country,” says 17-year-old Yashwant.


Mohammad Awais also joined after watching Sultan. “I saw the movie and saw scope in wrestling. How Salman is determined to win laurels for the country inspired me. The way he bounces back and takes up his passion again at the end of the movie was inspiring too. I practice now for two hours every day, and I am very dedicated to the sport,” says the 18-year-old. With more enquiries coming up every day, looks like Salman’s movie is reviving interest in an age old sport.


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