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dc-Cover-3t45hcp1rfpjp51o5uof3ld315-20160710001653.MediShorter women should steer clear of picking a long slit dress as it will make them look shorter, says Mayyur Girot

The peekaboo effect has had a long-standing history in the world of fashion. And one of the major game-changers from inside the peekaboo department are slits that reflect fashion’s ever-changing allure with proportions. From front, middle, side, back, long and short, slits have been a catalyst in dictating how much, which part and which side of the leg should be strategically shown in order to fit in or out of one of these categories: bombastic, sophisticated, sexy, revealing, naff or twee.

Slits are never out of fashion. From 1940s pin-ups to modern-day sex symbols like Charlotte Rampling and Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Kim K flaunting it at major red carpet events, slits have become the fashion-forward way to go about showing off some skin.  However, they are more than just cuts and come in a variety of forms from the creative workshops of designers from around the world. “From asymmetrical minis that show a slip of thigh to button-front maxis that expose your knee when you walk, there’s a whole spectrum of slits for you to try and endless ways for you to show them off,” says designer Gautam Gupta. He adds, “Sultry slits have come in every variety too: graphic hems that zigzag up the hip to flowing and ruffle-trim slashes with a romantic flair.”

Some women love to show off their toned legs by wearing a high slit, while few others prefer to go the peekaboo way. And if you are one of those who prefer not to show too much leg but still want to strut your stuff, then your best bet would be wearing a maxi dress with a slit, says designer Neha Khullar. However, she cautions, “Choosing styles which have slits at the side or the center and deciding how high those slits should really be are some of the important factors to consider. With the ever increasing slit lengths, wearing a center slit which barely covers your modesty may not be the only answer to look sexy. Choose a dress which shows off your assets to your advantage, without making you look like a cheap, dressed down version of an imported designer. If you’re not comfortable going bare with a slit, don’t shy away from hosiery — especially sheer black pantyhose which are chic again — to give you a bit more coverage than bare legs.”

Offering some more interesting tips, designer Mayyur Girot explains that one should keep one’s height in mind before choosing a slit dress. He shares, “Shorter women should steer clear of picking a long slit dress as it will make them look shorter. Instead, going for a short slit will ensure that you stand out. While your height plays a major role, the comfort factor is also something that one needs to keep in mind. Before you decide to slit wide open, remember to pick a dress with a slit that is comfortable for you to carry off. Wearing a high slit dress and trying to cover up is a no-no. So choose something that you can carry off without trying to cover up. Wearing a belt/hip chains will also make a lot of difference to your overall look. If you want to wear high slits without the overtly sexy factor, pair your garment with a pair of white sneakers.”

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