Sri Lankan fishermen seize nets from Indian boats

05IN_TH_LANKA_FISH_1744895fRepresentatives of Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen participating in talks in Chennai on resolving disputes in January 2014. Photo: R. Ragu

Sri Lankan fishermen on Wednesday allegedly threatened their counterparts from Pamban area in Rameswaram who were fishing in an area close to the island nation and took away 10 nets worth Rs 20 lakh.

Fisheries department officials said Sri Lankan fishermen offered to return the nets provided fishermen on mechanised boats stopped using banned nets as it badly affected marine wealth in their fishing zone and their livelihood.

The Sri Lankan fishermen accused Indian fisheries department officials of conniving with mechanised boat owners to allow them to carry the banned nets and warned that if this went on, the island nation’s naval personnel would continue arresting them.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan naval personnel arrested five fishermen and seized their mechanised boat when they were fishing near Katchathivu. They also reportedly chased away most of the 589 mechanised boats fishing in Katchativu islet area at gunpoint.

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