Taapsee Pannu and Ali Fazal fight piracy

dc-Cover-s9cmm5q2ln755r66oemupk79h5-20160715231552.MediAli Fazal

Ali Fazal and Taapsee Pannu wrapped up the Goa schedule of their upcoming film and are currently shooting in Mumbai. An interesting story has emerged from their movie sets. Recently, while shooting, the duo came across two girls on the sets watching movies on their phones. When asked about the movies, the girls, who were junior artistes on the set, replied that they had been watching Sultan and Great Grand Masti.

Since Sultan released last week and Great Grand Masti hadn’t even released by then, the versions were pirated. Both Taapsee and Ali were taken aback at the fact that people were choosing the easy way of downloading and watching the movie free of cost instead of watching these in the theatre.

The duo spoke to the girls and explained to them the efforts that go into making and releasing movies, and requested them to not do so again. The girls were apologetic and swore not to watch pirated movies again. Taapsee and Ali also handed them an envelope with some money in it so they could go watch the movie in the theatre instead.

When contacted, Taapsee spoke out against piracy.

“It was disheartening to see that a few people don’t value the efforts and pain taken to make a movie. I wish I could make them go through the process of making a film and the hardships we face to deliver the final product, for them to know how big a crime they are committing. It’s almost like stealing someone’s property. I hope they don’t do this again,” says Taapsee.

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