Tamil Nadu to receive less rain as cyclone Phailin moves towards Andhra Pradesh, Orissa


Chennai: Rainfall is expected to slowly decrease over TN, as cyclone Phailin gathers stre­n­gth and enters land near Andhra Pradesh and Orissa c­oast in another two days.

According to Met officials, the city received good rainfall on Thursday and it wo­u­ld continue to get moderate rainfall on Friday.

Phailin currently lies 870 km east southeast of Visa­kh­a­patn­am and is expected to move northwards and cr­o­ss north Andhra Pradesh and Orissa coast between Kaling­ap­at­n­a­m and Para­d­e­ep close to Gopalpur by Sa­tu­rday eve­n­ing.

“We might experience dry weather once the cyc­l­o­ne enters land,” said a Met official, who added that No­r­th TN might get some rainfall for the next two days.

For a 24-hour period ended 8.30 am on Thursday, Shol­in­g­ur in Vellore district and Th­am­­araipakkam in Tiru­va­l­l­u­r district recorded the maximum rainfall in the state at 8 cm. While Nunga­mb­akkam recorded 7 mm rainfall, Meenambakkam registered only 0.4 mm rain.

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