Tarun Vijay blames Congress government

dc-Cover-fj7ql16vh47a0lf10krf54mm85-20160616063226.MediBJP MP Tarun Vijay

Chennai: Former BJP MP Tarun Vijay, who made efforts to install Tiruvalluvar statue in Haridwar, on Tuesday blamed the Congress Government in Uttarakhand for the bust being abandoned in a PWD Guest House.

“The Uttarakhand Government is responsible for the abandonment of Thiruvalluvar statue. The statue should be installed at the same place where it was unveiled in mid-June,” Mr Vijay said late on Tuesday night.

Mr Vijay came under severe criticism after the statue was found abandoned at the PWD Guest House on Monday. Several Tamil writers and activists condemned the incident and blamed Mr Vijay for it.

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