Time for a rain-check

dc-Cover-m2n8k351ga4oecltl2l38se6k0-20160716233449.MediCreations for monsoon by Nida Mahmood and Varun Bahl

Come monsoon and it is time to roll up your sleeves and fold your pants. Fashion experts suggest putting aside all the summery whites and revamping your wardrobe with bright coloured garments in light-weight, easy-to-dry fabrics.

Colour palette
Fashion designer Gautam Gupta suggests colours that make one feel happy and energetic, or that can conceal minor mud stains. “Opt for bright and lively colours like shades of yellow, pink, turquoise, violet and green. However, if you are not comfortable with sporting bright shades, then stick to colours that play safe during monsoons, for example, shades of brown like mocha, umber, tawny, chocolate, pecan, etc. and varieties of grey like dove, smoke, charcoal grey, fossil grey, etc. These colours tend to camouflage minor mud and water stains, and make them less prominent. While stepping out, avoid solids like white, black, beige and the likes,” he says.

Light colours look best when paired in contrast, says Gautam. “Wear reds to suit your personality. Blue-red conveys assertiveness. Someone who is lively can wear an orangered. Don’t overdo jewellery. As far as outerwear like raincoats are concerned, bright neon shades in orange, green and pink are good choices during heavy rain. They increase chances of visibility and also brighten up your look,” he adds.

Monsoon is all about going experimental. Fashion designer Nida Mahmood says, “Cheerful colours like burnt yellow, lime green, peacock blue, burnt orange, fuschia, hot pink are some of the liveliest colours trending this season. Shades of blue and aquatic colours that are symbolic of monsoon and sea are always refreshing to the eye and always welcome. These colours add a happy vibe to one’s personality.”

Feel-good fabrics
Choose fabrics that are light-weight, and dry easily, suggests fashion designer Rina Dhaka. “Natural fabrics like soft cotton, mul, denims, gabardine, pure chiffon, linen and other lightweight blends that don’t take much time to dry, and can be washed easily if mud is splattered on the dress, are some of the best fabrics to opt for during monsoon, when humidity is at its peak,” she says.

Keep it short
Girls, as far as lowers are concerned, the shorter the length, the better. “Opt for quarter pants, culottes, cargos, shorts, hot pants paired with colourful flip-flops, acetate sandals or cute ballerinas for this season. Cute floral dresses, ankle length or short flare skirts are must-haves for arresting monsoon looks. Colourful kaftans, free-flowing short dresses rather than body-hugging garments are more suitable for this weather. Layering is another way by which you can stay dry while stepping out. Fitted jackets in colours like lime yellow, parrot green, camouflage prints or maroon paired with a solid tee work best for the rainy months,” says fashion designer Gauri Karan.

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