TRS MLA’s men protest at Arun Jaitley meet

dc-Cover-ol5nktpc5g0s91dasnruap5qn5-20160725012953.Medidc-Cover-ol5nktpc5g0s91dasnruap5qn5-20160725012953.MediUnion Finance Minister Arun Jaitley flanked by Telangana IT Industries and Commerce minister K T Rama Rao (right) and S B Mujumdar (left), Chancellor Symbiosis International University during the inauguration of the university’s new campus at Kothur, Shadnagar in Mahbubnagar district on Sunday. 

Hyderabad: The inauguration of Symbiosis University at Shaadnagar in Mahbubnagar was briefly marred by protests of a local TRS MLA’s followers, embarrassing state minister K.T. Rama Rao in the presence of Union finance minister Arun Jaitley.

The protests began after Symbiosis management got Mr Jaitley, the chief guest, felicitate local people who helped Symbiosis in the construction of the university.

After finding that their leader and MLA Anjaiah Yadav was not among those felicitated and also for not being accommodated on the dais, some of his followers rushed to the auditorium, while others stood up to register their protest — catching the event organisers unawares.

The awkward situation was brought under control after Mr Rama Rao and Mahbubnagar MP Jitender Reddy got down the dais to calm down the protesters and the management conceded to the troublemakers’ demand to felicitate Mr Yadav.

This is the second instance where a local TRS representative has vented his dissatisfaction at being ignored during inauguration of a facility of a reputed corporate — an act that lowers their reputation with respect to discipline and embarrasses their own government.

Similar public airing of dissatisfaction by TRS representative from Mahbubnagar happened around a year ago, when district ZPTC chairman complained about not being invited during the inauguration ceremony of Amazon’s Fulfilment Centre at Kothur, which was attended by Mr Rama Rao and other top Amazon officials. The ZPTC was later reprimanded by the minister for complaining about protocol publicly.

In both the instances, these were private events where protocol was not required to be followed, but Mahbubnagar representatives appear to be insistent on thrusting government rules on protocol to private events.

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