This Valentine’s, Hosur roses ride high

14TH-ROSES3_1755749fWorkers on the rose farms in Hosur region work hard to meet the surging demand for cut-flowers. Photo: N. Bhaskaran

Flowers from the region exported to U.S., Australia and Singapore

This Valentine’s Day, cut-flowers exporters in and around Hosur have cashed in on China’s fall in flower production due to floods.

It is estimated that over four crore flower stems produced by small, medium and big farmers have been exported to other countries for Valentine’s Day this year. Flowers are exported to the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Gulf countries.

The demand increased by 20 to 30 per cent when compared last year, said G. Siva (30), a cut-flower producer and exporter from Gudisetlu village near Bagalur in Krishnagiri district.

He has exported around 75,000 cut-flowers from February 1 to 11 as against 60,000 last year.

“Salubrious weather makes Hosur and surrounding areas ideal for flower cultivation; the number of farmers cultivating them has increased from 150 to 1500 in the last decade,” said V. Venkatachalam, president of Krishnagiri Horticulture Federation.

Healthy prices

The export prices per stem of some red rose varieties are: Taj Mahal – Rs 25 to Rs 30; Grand Gala – Rs 20 to Rs 25 and First Red – Rs 15 to Rs 20. Exporters are able to sell at this price because they havegood storage and marketing facilities, even abroad. But, the small farmers who produce these flowers get only Rs10 to Rs 12 per stem because they do not have even storage facilies, Mr. Venkatachalam said.

Common cold storage, grading hall and marketing mall in Hosur are needed to sustain production by small farmers from Hosur, Kelemangalam, Shoolagiri and Berigai, he said. He added that the state government’s free power supply for horticulture farmers has been beneficial as it helped cut production costs.

1,500 varieties

H. Javed, project manager of a leading player near Bagalur, said they have exported around eight lakh stems in the last ten days and the exports for the year would touch Rs 1 crore.

Over 1,500 varieties of roses are being produced in the farms near Hosur. Apart from Valentine’s Day, demand peaks around Christmas, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

P. Kaliappan, Deputy Director – Horticulture (in charge), says the area of cut-flower cultivation in the district has increased from 150 hectares in the last fiscal to 170 hectares at present.

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