Vivekh inaugurates Green Kalam Peace Rally

dc-Cover-t509hd6ro0ngbleolmjq54erb1-20160725225825.MediActor Vivekh

Actor Vivekh, a great admirer of former President Abdul Kalam, inaugurated the Green Kalam Peace Rally in the city recently to commemorate Dr Kalam’s first year death anniversary, July 27. At the huge gathering of more than 7000 students, Vivekh spoke about the need for planting saplings.

“We are not insisting on planting trees just because of global warming. Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam insist on the necessity of trees. Especially in Hinduism, the peepal tree is worshiped as Lord Ganesha while neem is worshiped as a goddess. Only by planting trees, we will  be able to overcome global warming. Even if each individual plants and protects a single tree, it will save the world and benefit several generations to come.”

The actor distributed saplings to all who attended the rally. Sanjay Arora (IPS, ADGP), Sekar (Director of Education), Raja Sulochana (Principal, Queen Marys College), and AP Sreethar among others took part in the event. A surprise visitor was Tejaswini Vivekh (Vivekh’s daughter) who was perhaps making a public appearance for the first time.

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