Women rock anti-engagement rings to celebrate self love

dc-Cover-uedp8fkcjjgth3iakt4gc0sot5-20160725172453.MediCelebrities like Amber Rose and Lucy Hale have also been spotted wearing anti-engagement rings. 

Engagement rings have long been flaunted by women in a society that still puts the celebration of marriage far above the academic and professional accomplishments of women. But now single women are getting back at this age-old tradition by going for ‘anti-engagement’ rings.

Anti-engagement rings are a smaller version of the typical engagement rings except that they are a little smaller and are worn on your pinkie finger instead of your third finger. And of course, you don’t need to have a fiancé to buy one for you – you spend your own money for it. A jewellery company called Fred & Farhas been credited for bringing this feminist trend into mass popularity.

Each anti-engagement ring by Fred & Far offer has a 14-karat yellow, rose, or white gold band with a conflict-free white sapphire stone in an upside-down triangle shape. Even celebrities like Amber Rose and Lucy Hale have been spotted wearing these.

So, all the single ladies out there…would you be game to ‘put a ring on it’?

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